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We’ve launched! Brightspace is now UVM’s official learning management system.

Are you just getting started with Brightspace? It’s okay if you don’t know everything about it by the first day or even for the first semester of using it!  Here’s a Brightspace Quick Start Guide to help you begin.

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New Brightspace Community Site (UVM uses Classic Content)

Highlights of Brightspace

  1. Brightspace is a robust application with many features and tools. However, you don’t have to be a power user and “go big.” Brightspace has entry ramps for novice users and folks who want to build up their skills over time.
  2. Brightspace has many tools to support student academic success, such as:
    • conditional release features
    • “Intelligent Agents” 
    • the ability for instructors to easily provide video/audio feedback (with just a couple of clicks) throughout the course, and
    • course-level analytics that provide useful information about how students are accessing course content and assignments
  3. Brightspace has a clean user interface that supports Universal Design for Learning and has tools to create accessible course materials in the system (I.e., automatic transcription for video/audio, ubiquitous “Accessibility Checker” in the text editor).

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