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Reimagine Nutrition Education

We use nutrition education to help build beneficial relationships with food and body

By employing the framework of weight inclusivity we are rethinking the focus of nutrition education

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People – Find out more about the students, staff, and faculty working in our group. 

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Projects – Learn about our research projects, and how you can get involved.

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Resources – Find some of our favorite resources for learning about weight-inclusivity

What is weight inclusivity? A weight-inclusive approach to health contends that weight is not an important indicator of health, people of all sizes can be healthy, and it is not possible for everyone to reach a “normal” weight.  In this approach, weight is not seen as a health behavior, so health/nutrition interventions are not designed to impact one’s weight, but rather to encourage health behaviors such as rejecting diet culture, eating a wide variety of food, listening to one’s hunger/satiety cues, respecting one’s body, and moving one’s body in a way that feels good.  Weight-inclusive approaches often also recognize the social determinants of health, and the impact of anti-fat bias on health by promoting policies and approaches that combat fat stigma and inequalities in access to care. Check out our resources page to learn more about weight inclusivity!

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