The research in my group lies at the intersection of collective cell migration, tissue mechanics and dynamics, and soft matter physics, exploring phenomena across various length scales — from single-cell migration to the emergent behavior of tissues, organisms or colonies.

Leveraging computational simulations and theories rooted in soft matter physics, we bridge the gap between the properties and behaviors of individual cells and crucial processes in organisms, including embryo development, tumor invasion, and biofilm growth. We also focus on how biological systems interact with their complex environments, ranging from granular to porous media. Additionally, to build the theoretical basis for these biophysical studies, we delve into generalized soft matter systems, incorporating special features inspired by living systems, such as active matter.


05/2024 The exciting paper by PI Haicen Yue on the coalescence of frictional fluid was published! Click to see the special coalescing dynamics of biological clusters!

03/2024 PI Haicen Yue attended the 2024 APS March Meeting, engaging in the outreach event “Squishy Science Sunday” and giving a talk on “Interface Fluctuations between Different Cell Populations”.

10/2023 PI Haicen Yue won the Early Extra Promotion of Research & Scholarly Success (EXPRESS) grant award at UVM.

08/2023 PI Haicen Yue joined the Department of Physics as an assistant professor at the University of Vermont.