Meet the team.

Tony D'Amato

Dr. Tony D’Amato

Professor in Silviculture & Forest Ecology

Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
University of Vermont
204E Aiken Center
81 Carrigan Drive
Burlington, VT 05405


Tony’s CV (PDF)

Grace Smith

Forest Research Technician

Dr. Peter Clark

Postdoctoral Associate

Research topic: Examining the barriers for operationalizing assisted migration (and other adaptive regeneration efforts for global change), the tradeoffs in managing forests for multiple objectives (e.g., carbon mitigation versus adaptive capacity), and the effects of extreme climate on forest function.

Miriam Wolpert

Forest Research Technician

Dr. Lucas Harris

Postdoctoral Associate

Research topic: Forest adaptation and restoration plantings across the Northern Forest in the context of climate change and disturbance

Samantha Myers

Forest Adaptation Specialist
Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science

Current Graduate Students

Jessica Wikle

Jessica Wikle

2019 – present

Ph.D. topic: Outcomes of forest management strategies designed for adaptation to climate change.

Graduate Student Rachel Swanwick using tree coring instrument.

Rachel Swanwick

2021 – present

M.S. topic: Urban and rural forest managers’ perspectives and feedback on proposed forest management strategies and novel approaches to climate change adaptation in the Northeast.

Grace Smith

2022 – present

M.S. topic: Forest adaptation impacts on microclimates in lowland spruce-fir ecosystems.

Liza Morse

2020 – present

Ph.D. topic: Impacts of sugarbush management on forest structure and diversity, carbon storage and resilience, and on forest bird and arthropod communities.

Grant Burton

2022 – present

M.S. topic: Understanding the ways in which forestry-focused climate change adaptation methods conflict with or exclude wildlife management objectives in the rural Northeastern US and considering best practices for their inclusion in future forest management plans.

Tripp Whiting

2022 – present

M.S. topic: Non-structural carbohydrates as a mechanism for resilience in northern hardwood and mixedwood forests.

Al Freeman

2020 – present

Ph.D. topic: Understanding adaptation mechanisms in the context of extreme climate events and the influence of adaptation management strategies on forest community development and function.

Kathleen Stutzman

2022 – present

M.S. topic: Regeneration dynamics in pitch pine barrens across New York and New England.

Past Graduate Students

Jordan Luff, M.S. (2018-2023)

Sonia Kaufman, M.S. (2022-2023)

Sophie Marinace, M.S. (2020-2023)

Jen Santoro, Ph.D. (2016-2023)

Hanusia Higgins, M.S. (2019-2022)

Tessa McGann, M.S. (2019-2021)

Peter Clark, Ph.D. (2016-2021)

Olivia Box, M.S. (2018-2021)

Elizabeth Jamison, M.S. (2018-2021)

Mathias Nevins, M.S. (2016-2019)

Nicole Rogers, Ph.D. (2015-2019)

Molly Heuss, M.S. (2015-2017)

Emma Sass, M.S. (2015-2017)

Eric North, Ph.D. (2013-2017)

Christopher Looney, Ph.D. (2012-2017)

Sawyer Scherer, M.S. (2014-2016)

Margaret Roberts, M.S. (2013-2015)

Erika Rowe, M.S. (2013-2015)

Kyle Gill, M.S. (2012-2014)

Laura Reuling, M.S. (2012-2014)

Justin Pszwaro, M.S. (2011-2014)

Miranda Curzon, Ph.D. (2009-2014)

Andrew Telander, M.S. (2011-2013)

Emily Silver, M.S. (2010-2012)

Paul Klockow, M.S. (2009-2012)

Michael Reinikainen, M.S. (2008-2011)

Nicholas Bolton, M.S. (2008-2010)

Grant Domke, Ph.D. (2007-2010)

Chris Gronewold, M.S. (2007-2010)

Stacy Troumbly, M.S. (2008-2009)

Past Postdoctoral Associates

Wu Ma (2017-2019)

Melissa Youngquist (2015-2018)

Miranda Curzon (2014-2016)

Jane Foster (2011-2016)

Alessandra Bottero (2014-2015)

Sidhanand Kukrety (2011-2015)

Brian Young (2013-2014)

Valerie Kurth (2012-2014)

Matthew Russell (2012-2014)

David McKenzie (2012-2013)

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