Math Day

Math Day 2024

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

This year’s speaker Math Day speaker is Dr. Alice Patania, who will give a talk entitled Beyond Numbers: How Abstract Math Illuminates Our World.

About Math Day
State and regional winners of the competition are honored at Math Day, which is held on the University of Vermont campus in May. The Math Day program includes a math talk on an interesting topic chosen by the year’s speaker, and an awards luncheon. The prize winning students are invited to campus for Math Day along with their parents and a representative from their school.

Recent Math Day Talks

2023 – Measuring the Happiness, Health, and Stories of Society through Mathematics.
Dr. Chris Danforth

2022 – Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors: What Newspaper Subscriptions, Car Rentals, and Google (and Many Other Things) Have in Common
Dr. Taras Lakoba

2021 – Extremal Mathematics
Dr. Puck Rombach

2020 – The Mathematics of Epidemics
Dr. Daniel Velleman

2019 – Merry Deranging: Math and Gerrymandering
Dr. Gregory Warrington

2018 – Points, Lines, and Dimension: A Tour of the Kakeya Problem
Dr. Evan Dummit

2017 – The Number Theory Behind Cryptography
Dr. Christelle Vincent

2016 – Data for Social Good
Dr. Abigail Crocker

Winners of the 2023 competition gather for a group photo in
the Innovation/Discovery Hall Complex on the UVM Campus at
Math Day in May, 2023
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