Whatever you need to forge your path, Grossman is here.

At the Center for Student Success, we stand by our name — both in college and beyond! Our dedicated career advisor can help you track down your first internship, build your network, tackle the job hunt, and more.

Resume & Cover Letter Review

Your resume and cover letter is your chance to make a great first impression. A review with our resident guru will help make your materials pop.

How do you tailor a resume to a job posting? What makes a great objective summary? Can I add color? No question is too small!

Career Advising

Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? That is fine — and perfectly normal. Chat with a career advisor to discuss your interests, your passions, and your skills to help you get on track for a career you love.

If you already know what your path is, this is a great way to get insight into landing your dream job.

Internship & Job Search Counseling

Whether you are seeking your first internship or hoping to land a great position after graduation, the application process can be intimidating. The CSS office is here to make it easier.

From “where do I start looking?” to “how do I negotiate salary?”, we are here to help.

Mock Interviews

Practice makes perfect.

Hone your interview skills in a low-stakes, supportive setting. You’ll be “on” for a full, 20-30 minute interview, giving you the chance to try out the process from start to finish.

Once wrapped up, you will receive feedback about what went well and what can be improved — so you can make the real thing shine.

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