A “sandbox course” is space for you to get a sense of how Brightspace works. Sign up here by Feb. 17th for the next round of sandbox courses. We regularly create sandbox courses twice per month, so if you miss this round, we’ll create one for you in the next round! A sandbox course is a practice space only and will never have students enrolled in it.  Think of a sandbox space as a work in progress – its appearance will most-likely be different than how it looks in Fall 2023. This is because we’re expecting faculty input that will influence the final version when it goes fully live in Fall 2023.

We recommend that you approach your sandbox course space with a sense of adventure! To get acquainted with Brightspace, please see the “Upcoming Training” page on this website for recorded how-to sessions and upcoming trainings.

Before you begin using your Brightspace Sandbox, please note these “caveats and considerations.” Doing so may save you time!

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Sandbox spaces will never contain student enrollments. They are not teaching spaces.
  • Blackboard courses will automatically be brought over to Brightspace later this year. This process will create a course space that is different from your sandbox space. We’ll communicate more about this process this fall.
  • While you can bring over content from Blackboard into your sandbox space, the automatic process uses tools that result in a “cleaner” result. In other words, what you see now, is not necessarily what you’ll get later.

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