What is Licensing?

Licensing is an agreement wherein the owner of a trademark gives another party the right to use that mark in exchange for payment of a royalty.

What is the University of Vermont licensing program?

In partnership with Collegiate Licensing Company, the licensing program regulates, promotes, and protects the commercial use of the University’s name and identifying marks. This includes granting approval for use of our marks. A major emphasis of the University’s licensing program is to ensure that all products using the University’s name, marks, and symbols are of good taste and quality. The Licensing Program works with manufacturers who wish to make products that utilize its trademarks and symbols, with retailers who wish to sell UVM licensed products, and with University departments, programs and student groups who want to use the University’s trademarks on products.

What are the University of Vermont trademarks?

In 1985, the University registered four of its marks: the official University seal, “The University of Vermont,” “UVM,” and the “CATAMOUNTS” word mark. Additional designs, including the “Tower Logo” and the “V-Cat Logo” have been registered. The University claims as its trademarks any design, symbol, logo, art, word or words associated with or directly referring to the University.

Why have a licensing program?

Institutions of higher education became involved in the registration and licensing of their marks in the early 1970’s. The two primary reasons for implementing a licensing program are:

1) to protect the University’s name and image as represented by its marks and symbols from unauthorized or inappropriate use;
2) to generate revenue through royalty payments.

By ensuring that products bearing the University’s marks are of high quality and good taste, we further promote UVM’s reputation for educational excellence. Proper use of the University’s name also stimulates public awareness and support. By seeking help from the Licensing Program, campus organizations are assured of locating quality products from approved manufacturers. Only those companies that meet the standards of the University are licensed to manufacture our merchandise. Secondly, the sale of licensed goods helps benefit University through generation of royalty payments.

What are the royalties used for?

After expenses of operating the licensing program, income generated from royalties paid by licensees is used to support student scholarships at the University.

How is a license acquired?

To become a licensee of The University of Vermont, an organization or individual first obtains a licensing application packet from the Collegiate Licensing Company. An application form, product samples, and certificate of insurance must be submitted to the Licensing Office for review and approval before a license agreement is issued. Licenses are non-exclusive and are issued for specific products that meet University criteria. For more information, or call 770.956.0520 for more information.

What happens if a university mark is used without a license?

The University of Vermont intends to protect its name, marks, and symbols from unauthorized or inappropriate use. When an individual and/or organization is identified as producing or distributing products that infringe our trademarks, the Licensing Program contacts them to attempt to stop the infringement, to establish a license, and to notify them of potential legal action should they fail to cooperate.

What impact does licensing have on University of Vermont departments, programs, or officially recognized student groups?

When a University department, program, or student group needs to order products such as clothing, uniforms, furniture or other items (excluding letterhead, envelopes and other departmental publications) using the University’s name, marks, logos, seal or symbols for your department, program or student group, you should complete a Licensing Approval form, have it signed and send it along with a copy of the design to the Licensing Program Coordinator. This should be completed before an order is placed.

How does the University of Vermont ensure products are manufactured in an approved facility?

The University of Vermont is a member of two organizations dedicated to combating abusive labor practices and protecting the rights of workers who make collegiate merchandise and other products. These two organizations are the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC). Vermont licensees must join the FLA and must comply with the Codes of Conduct of both the FLA and WRC as well the University‚Äôs own Code of Conduct.

FLA: http://www.workersrights.org/ 
WRC: http://www.workersrights.org/

Do you have a Licensing Brochure?

Yes. Please click here to download the brochure.

Locating licensed products

The Licensing Program maintains a list of manufacturers licensed by the University to produce University of Vermont merchandise. Organizations who need help locating licensed manufacturers of particular products should contact the Licensing Program. When shopping for licensed products in retail stores, look for the , “Collegiate Licensed Product” label.

Who can I call for help?

University of Vermont Licensing Program
Krista Balogh
Associate Athletic Director
University Licensing Director
Adjunct Professor, CDAE & CESS
146 Patrick Gym
Burlington, VT 05405-0016
Phone: (802) 656-1744
Fax: (802) 656-8328

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