Writing in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Writing assignments in Communication Sciences and Disorders encourage the student to think and write like a professional in their field. Writing in Communication Sciences and Disorders is highly analytical. Writers are expected to be able to convey their in-depth knowledge to a general audience, practicing effecting writing skills they can use when addressing patients and clients in the future. Assignments typically include a novel scenario in which the student must apply their knowledge to critically assess the situation.

Types of assignments:

  • Clinical observation journal entry- Students explain what occurred during their clinical observation and reflect on it.
  • Video analysis observation paper – Video provides a scenario. Students need to use concepts learned to draw conclusions.
  • Lab reports- need to analyze and record speech sounds on Pratt soft wear. Students also need to write reports for science classes.
  • Interview papers- 2 interviews with a person with a communication disorder and a CSD professional.
  • Foreign language phonetic project – Group papers on the analysis of the parts of speech of a language.

Characteristics of a CSD paper:

  • CSD papers teach students how to think and write like professionals.
  • Most assignments include scenarios that students need to apply what they’ve learned to critically assess the situation.
  • Students have to be highly analytical and convey their knowledge to their audience.
  • By becoming proficient CSD writing, students gain the skills needed for graduate writing.

What to Remember when writing a CSD paper:

  • Put yourself in a professional’s shoes!
  • Use necessary details! It’s easy to get lost in all the info, so be careful choosing what info you use.
  • Be straightforward and clear with your ideas.
  • Know your audience! Some professors want you to write like the audience knows nothing about CSD.
  • Remember to use outside sources and cite them!

What Professors Look for In A CSD Paper:

  • Citations! Make sure you’re citing correctly as well.
  • No “flowery” language! Professors want you to be clear, organized, and focused.
  • Make the info your own! Compare and integrate concepts from class and outside sources. Avoid summarizing them.
  • Keep sentences simple and clear! Not long and complicated!

Where to Find Help:

  • Go to the writing center.
  • Visit the writing centers tutor tips for CSD.
  • Join the Links program which will match you with an upper-class CSD student for help.
  • Go to a CSD peer advisor.
  • Visit the CSD research guides on the UVM library website.