This website would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of the Undergraduate Writing Center tutors at the University of Vermont. This collection of tips represents more than 10 years of collected works and developed resources.

With gratitude to:

Mark Alexander – History
Sarah Anders – English: Writing about Literature
Brendan Anderson – English: Creative Writing
Halle Apelgren – Anthropology
Emma Archibald – Human Development and Family Studies
Emily Grace Arrivello – English: Creative Writing
Peyton Ashley – Classics
Mary Aveno – Art
Jeff Ayers – English: Writing about Literature
Sarah Baddeley – Psychological Science
Carly Baldwin – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Kate Bamberger – English: Writing
Liz Bambury – Statistics
Julian Barritt – Anthropology
Lucy Basa – Gender Sexuality and Women’s Studies
Kristin Bauer – Political Science
Cam Bauserman – Economics
Addie Beach – Linguistics
Rob Benner – History
Max Bookman – Political Science
Dana Bornstein – Geography
John Boucher – Natural Resources
Emily Bowser – Political Science
David Brandt – Political Science
Chris Bresnahan – Natural Resources
Allie Brimlow – Public Communications
Joshua Browne – English: Creative Writing
Aaron Brunet – Anthropology
Dana Buckhorn – Public Communications
Lindsay Budnik – Political Science
Sonia Buglion-Gluck – Natural Resources
Sydney Camisa – Gender Sexuality and Women’s Studies
Allison Carrier – Environmental Studies
Rachel Carter – English: Creative Writing
Henry Cesari – Anthropology
Stephanie Cesario – Environmental Studies
Katy Chabot – Natural Resources
Zoe Chapman – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Hannah Chodosh – Environmental Science
John Coghlan – History
Emmett Cohn – Psychological Science
Marjean Conlon – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Rachel Conrad – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Lauren Coon – Human Development and Family Studies
Ian Corredera – Philosophy
Quinn Cosentino – Religion
Alex Cruz – English: Creative Writing
Sarah Cuprewich – Biology & Enviromental Science
Ann Cwik – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Emily Daroga – Philosophy
Antonia David – Political Science
Luke Dorfman – Anthropology
Leslie Drew – Education
Abbey Dunn – Political Science
Kate Fallone – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Bella Federico – Geography
Laura Felone – Political Science
Elizabeth Fenton – English: Writing about Literature
Rachel Foster – Global Studies
Holley Friedlander – English: Writing about Literature
Kim Furtado – Geography
Louisa Gerome – History
Anna Gibson – English
Jonah Goldberg – History
Abby Goode – English: Writing about Literature
Amy Goodnough – English: Creative Writing
Patrick Gooley – Political Science
Kelly Gray – Art History
Jules Greenop – Human Development and Family Studies
Daniel Grundhauser – History
Alexandria Hall – English: Creative Writing
Casey Hancock – Environmental Studies
Isabel Handanos – Religion
Edil Hassan – English: Literature
Steve Hausmann – History
Jason Haynes – Sociology
Bridget Higdon – English: Literature
Corrine Hill-James – Natural Resources
Emmi Hodess – Gender Sexuality and Women’s Studies
Cassidy Hooker – History
Lydia Horne – English: Writing about Literature
Emily Howe – Education
Owen Hudson – Chemistry
Camera Hudson – Human Development and Family Studies
Rebecca Humphrey – English
Louisa Jerome – History
Chris Keim – Psychological Science
Caroline Keller – Economics
Megan Kiernan – English: Creative Writing
Max Kleiner – History
Kelly Knickmeier – History
Emily Kokoll – Anthropology
Natalia Korpanty – Global & Regional Studies
Maria Koutsouris – History
Audrey Kreiser – Education
Olivia Langley – English: Literature
Isabel Lardner – Italian Studies
Isabel larsen – Statistics
Jesse Lawson – History
Catherine Leary – Film & Television Studies
Sophie Leff – Political Science
Sarah Lewis – English: Creative Writing
Brenna Lewis-Slammon – Psychological Science
Rose Lillpopp – Anthropology
Sidney Lister – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Shannon Lozito – Psychological Science
Erin Lucey – Anthropology
Ian Mack – Philosophy
Maggie Mahoney – History
Jess Mailhot – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Nick Manderlink – Enironmental Science
Lydia Marchese – Religion
Anna Mariani – English: Writing about Literature
Jodie Masotta – English: Creative Writing
Taylor Massa – Political Science
Margaret May – English: Creative Writing
Conor McArdle – English: Creative Writing
Cai McCann – Biology
Kristen McClaran – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Mallory McFarland – English
Rose McGovern – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Ryan McHale – History
Connor McLenithan – Economics
Caitlyn Meeks – English: Writing about Literature
Amanda Meltsner – Gender Sexuality and Women’s Studies
Catie Michael – Political Science
Armin Milak – Business
Dylan Miles – Natural Resources
Marisa Minedeo – Chemistry
Katie Monticello – English: Creative Writing
Jake Mooney – History
Heather Morrison – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Derek Neal – English: Writing about Literature
Linh Nguyen – Chemistry
Marissa Nickelsberg – English: Creative Writing
Kris Nine – Political Science
Rachael Nutt – Art
Audrey Oliver – Political Science
Doug Ovitt – Education
Natalia Parachini – English: Writing about Literature
Scott Pavek – Political Science
Maddie Petrovich – Education
Drew Pizzo – Gender Sexuality and Women’s Studies
Lilli Ann Plourde – Geography
Rebecca Potter – Sociology
Audra Preston – Political Science
Michael Reinertz – English: Writing about Literature
Lindsey Reynolds – History
Emma Rice – Biology
Kayla Rideout – Political Science
Jonathan Roketenetz – Anthropology, English: Writing about Literature, Creative Writing
Mark Roman – History
Kristin Rydziel – Natural Resources
Quinn Salinder – English: Writing about Literature
Rachel Sauerwein – History
Heather Saunders – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Malita Schmeckpeper – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Thomas Schoorlemmer – Political Science
Jeff Scott – English: Creative Writing
Amy Sercel – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Steven Shakir – Religion
Aaron Shavitz – Biology
Caroline Shea – English: Creative Writing
Eric Siegel – English: Writing about Literature
Kristen Simard – Natural Resources
Emily Slocum – English: Creative Writing
Kaysie Smith – Education
Alana Smith – English: Literature
Rachel Snider – Nutrition
Anthony Spinella – Biology
Ben St. George – Political Science
Shakir Steven – Religion
Jack Storey – History
Irene Sue – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Adam Sullivan – Philosophy
Laura Taylor – History
Olivia Taylor – Political Science
Emily Thibodeau – English: Literature
Michelle Thompson – Psychological Science
Christina Todd – English: Writing about Literature
Katie Troutman – English: Writing about Literature
Clayton Trutor – Political Science
Steven Ushakov – Biology/Chemistry/Science
Noelle Villa – Gender Sexuality and Women’s Studies
Seth Wade – Philosophy
Kelly Walton – Communication & Speech Disorders
Kathryn Warrender – Psychological Science
Lindsey Waters – Psychological Science
Julian Western – Political Science
Keith Williams – Anthropology
Megan Williams – English: Literature
Genevieve Winn – Anthropology
Lauren Woodard – Psychological Science
Eric Wright – English: Writing about Literature
Kathy Xu – Biology
Gena Zollman – Psychological Science