Food, Energy, Water (FEW) Security

In complex socio-ecological systems, the nexus of Food-Energy-Water (FEW) Security is essential to creating resilient communities and countries, and a resilient world in the face of an increasingly challenging global problems. FEW security is essential for sustainable development, as all being able to access all three resources (food, energy, water) is crucial for human well-being. Further, making sure these resources are diverse, resilient, and adaptable is vital for security concerns as the world becomes increasingly volatile due to climate change, global political tensions, conflicts, and declining biodiversity.

IEDS is engaged in FEW security research including organizing a side-panel event at COP 24 in Katowice, Poland on “Implementing Food-Energy-Water Security Early Warning Systems for Adaption to Climate Change,” and “Resilience and Control in Coupled Food Energy and Water Systems” (Dr. Asim Zia, PI).

We believe the best way to enact water diplomacy is through convening diverse stakeholders and establishing mutual trust and cooperation framed by the thing we all care about: water. Other avenues of water diplomacy include grassroots citizen-science based water monitoring to obtain a trusted data source and empower local communities to take charge in the stewardship of this essential resource.


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