Environmental and Hydro-Diplomacy in International River Basins: Prospects and Challenges Panel at the first annual International Environmental Peacebuilding Conference

On Thursday, October 24th, 2019, researchers from the University of Vermont’s Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security participated in a panel at the first International Environmental Peacebuilding Conference at UC Irvine. The panel, titled “Environmental and Hydro-Diplomacy in International River Basins: Prospects and Challenges” brought together five presenters to discuss environmental diplomacy interventions to promote ecological cooperation around the world. Dr. Asim Zia, Dr. Bindu Panikkar, and Emma Spett at the University of Vermont spoke about projects in the Indus and Kabul River Basins, as well as the development of the Transboundary In-Cooperation Network (TWIN) that resulted from diplomatic meetings in 2018. Suleiman Halasah of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies in Israel, and Dr. Ashok Swain of Uppsala University in Sweden discussed environmental diplomacy in the Jordan River Basin and Salween River Basin, respectively.

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