LEAD Pakistan: IEDS Director Asim Zia speaks on Water Conflict, Diplomacy and the Transboundary Water In-Cooperation Network

LEAD Pakistan hosted an interactive session titled ‘Transboundary Water In-Cooperation Network: Environmental Diplomacy for Resolving Persistent Transboundary Water Conflicts’. IEDS Director, Dr. Asim Zia, highlighted the numerous Track-2 (scientist to scientist) and Track-3 (citizen to citizen) environmental diplomacy interventions which have been implemented in the Indus, Jordan, Kabul, Kali and Missisquoi river basins, leading to the recent emergence of a Transboundary Water In-Cooperation Network (TWIN). The talk assess the ongoing and planned TWIN interventions and draw a comparative analysis of water quality in the sampled river basins.

Video https://www.facebook.com/leadpakistan/videos/vb.93442183732/885037771834…

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