Nehr Presents Soil Builder Composting Webinar

Composting machine

UVM Plant and Soil Science Professor Deb Nehr delivered a webinar on Compost for Soil Function & Disease Suppression, as part of the Soil Builders workshop series for decision-makers, professionals and advocates in the Lake Champlain Basin.

The Soil Builder project website states that “concerns about elevated phosphorous levels in the Lake Champlain Basin have contributed to confusion about when and how to use compost.” The Soil Builders workshops are addressing a knowledge gap about the benefits from using compost.

Nehr’s webinar discusses how to manage water infiltration and nutrient availability with compost, why organic matter in compost improves aggregate structure and reduces erosion, and includes examples of using compost to manage soil borne pathogens of plants.

December New Hires

Alec Julien, Extension Communications Specialist/Assistant Webmaster

Alec JulienJulien is a graphic designer, web designer/developer, typographer, educator, musician, and mathematical anti-realist.

Before coming to UVM Extension, he was a freelance designer for a decade, working on a broad swath of projects including websites, print projects, book design, game design, and font creation. Continue reading “December New Hires”

Corn Research Benefits Farmers, Processors, Markets

Ears of colorful corn in a bucket

Extension Professor Heather Darby has been researching short-season corn varieties for over 20 years in an effort to determine their suitability for the food-grade corn industry and help farmers diversify. A recent Modern Farmer article spotlights the resurgence of food and distilled products, and the rising demand for local corn supplies. Continue reading “Corn Research Benefits Farmers, Processors, Markets”

Dangl Examines Indigenous Social Justice Struggles in Bolivia

500 Year Rebellion book cover.

The following articles published in “Oral History Review: Journal of the Oral History Association,” examine how Indigenous movements in Bolivia have used oral history as a tool for social justice struggles and decolonizing research methods in the Andes. This work draws from CDAE Lecturer Benjamin Dangl’s book The Five Hundred Year Rebellion: Indigenous Movements and the Decolonization of History in Bolivia, which recently won a Nautilus Book Award. Continue reading “Dangl Examines Indigenous Social Justice Struggles in Bolivia”