Plant Biology Department Inaugurates New Summer Internship

A group of PBIO 290 students, their instructor, Intervale Center land steward Duncan Murdoch, and Intervale volunteers in a group photo.
PBIO 290 students, instructor Laura Hill, Intervale Center’s Duncan Murdoch, and Intervale Center volunteers.

The Plant Biology Department inaugurated a new summer internship. This internship program engages students in local community projects that address issues in sustainability and the environment, specifically related to climate change mitigation and adaptation using plants. Continue reading “Plant Biology Department Inaugurates New Summer Internship”

ASCI Students Attend Alpaca Bootcamp in Ecuador

UVM ASCI 297 students in a group photo with alpacas.

Animal and Veterinary Sciences students in ASCI 297: Bootcamp in Alpaca Husbandry spent two weeks in Ecuador during the summer of 2022, with Adjunct Assistant Professor Stuart White. They learned alpaca management skills including restraint, SC, IM and IV injections, castration, oral administration of liquids, gastric tubing, toenail and incisor trimming, blood drawing, shearing, fiber classification and body scoring. Continue reading “ASCI Students Attend Alpaca Bootcamp in Ecuador”

Youth Biosecurity Learning Modules Recently Updated

Six youth biosecurity learning modules

Livestock and poultry are susceptible to infectious diseases and many of these diseases are zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted to people. A few more well-known zoonotic diseases include ringworm, rabies and soremouth. The most effective strategy for protecting farm animal health is to prevent or reduce the chances of introducing a disease into a herd or flock. Continue reading “Youth Biosecurity Learning Modules Recently Updated”

Students Explored Antimicrobial Resistance in Research Methods Course

Students in a laboratory culturing bacteria cells.

In Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Instructor Kari Hodge’s Bioprospecting: Drugs from Bugs class, students spent the semester exploring the many facets of the antimicrobial resistance crisis. The course, a part of the Small World Initiative, is a research methods lecture and laboratory course framed around identifying strains of bacteria that may produce novel antibiotic compounds. Continue reading “Students Explored Antimicrobial Resistance in Research Methods Course”

Wadsworth Receives UVM Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award

professor standing in a dairy barn in calf stalls

UVM Animal and Veterinary Sciences Lecturer and CREAM Advisor Stephen Wadsworth, DVM, has been awarded the 2022 Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award for his positive impact on students both in and beyond the classroom. The award, given annually by the UVM Office of the Provost, is the highest teaching honor given by the University.

Read more about Steve’s impact on his students.