Scholarship Awarded to Animal & Veterinary Sciences Grad Student

Two female college students stand together in a dairy barn.
Dairy Intern Nicole Stover, left, and Taylor Turney, UVM graduate student, right. Both students were awarded the Flanagan scholarship. Source: Miner Institute

The Miner Institute has announced that Taylor Turney, an Animal and Veterinary Sciences graduate student, has been awarded the 2022-2023 Stephen S. Flanagan, Frances B. Flanagan, and Stephen F. Flanagan Scholarship. Continue reading “Scholarship Awarded to Animal & Veterinary Sciences Grad Student”

Fort Ticonderoga Internship a Growth Experience for Plant & Soil Science Major

An aerial view of the many gardens at Fort Ticonderoga, NY.
Source: Fort Ticonderoga

Allie Film, a senior majoring in ecological agriculture in the UVM Plant and Soil Science (PSS) Department, recently completed a summer horticulture internship in the historic King’s Garden at Fort Ticonderoga, New York, while also earning credits for her work. Film was perfectly suited for the internship with her background in agroecology, 4-H and the UVM Beekeeping club. Additionally, she had practical experience through a PSS ecological design course by designing, planting and maintaining a pollinator garden at her home. Film had visited Fort Ticonderoga as a child, and appreciated the historic accuracy of the gardens and the ecological management approach by Fort Ticonderoga. Continue reading “Fort Ticonderoga Internship a Growth Experience for Plant & Soil Science Major”

Plant Biology Department Inaugurates New Summer Internship

A group of PBIO 290 students, their instructor, Intervale Center land steward Duncan Murdoch, and Intervale volunteers in a group photo.
PBIO 290 students, instructor Laura Hill, Intervale Center’s Duncan Murdoch, and Intervale Center volunteers.

The Plant Biology Department inaugurated a new summer internship. This internship program engages students in local community projects that address issues in sustainability and the environment, specifically related to climate change mitigation and adaptation using plants. Continue reading “Plant Biology Department Inaugurates New Summer Internship”