Research on Assessing Vegetable Consumption Published

A plate of cooked vegetables including acorn squash, carrots, and peas.

Nutrition and Food Sciences Assistant Professor Trishnee Bhurosy led research that analyzed a method to assess vegetable consumption in college nutrition programs. The publication in the Journal of American College Health is entitled, Reliability of a frequency method for assessing vegetable intake using photos among college students: a smartphone approach. Continue reading “Research on Assessing Vegetable Consumption Published”

Diversified Vegetable Farms Receive Food Safety Training

Three men are discussing cleaning and sanitation methods for produce safety on farms.
Chris Callahan, UVM Extension agricultural engineer, and farmers at Gaia Gardens in Decatur, Georgia discuss cleaning and sanitizing practices.

UVM Extension’s Chris Callahan, Andy Chamberlin, Hans Estrin and Vern Grubinger recently completed a three-year, multi-state project called Training and Technical Support to Help Small Vegetable Farms Meet the Cleaning and Sanitization Requirements of the Produce Safety Rule. Continue reading “Diversified Vegetable Farms Receive Food Safety Training”