June 2022 CALS in the News

Megaphone shouting news about agriculture.

CALS and Extension faculty, staff and students are making headlines for their commentaries, research findings, as subject matter experts, and for outreach collaborations. Below is a collection of recent stories.

WCAX reported on a new public service announcement reminding drivers to be careful of horses on the roads, and cites research from the UVM Center for Rural Studies on the economic contributions of the equine industry in Vermont. Continue reading “June 2022 CALS in the News”

Youth Biosecurity Learning Modules Recently Updated

Six youth biosecurity learning modules

Livestock and poultry are susceptible to infectious diseases and many of these diseases are zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted to people. A few more well-known zoonotic diseases include ringworm, rabies and soremouth. The most effective strategy for protecting farm animal health is to prevent or reduce the chances of introducing a disease into a herd or flock. Continue reading “Youth Biosecurity Learning Modules Recently Updated”

AgroTek Program Collaboration Launches with Science Cafes for Teens

A handful of rich garden soil.

“This is literally the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.” That’s what a participant said at the January 27, 2022 VTeen Science Cafe hosted by UVM Extension 4-H, and taught by PSS Associate Professor Eric Bishop von Wettberg and PSS Post-Doctoral Associate Giovanna Sassi. They offered an online evening session called Culturing Cells for Healthier Soils, which provided participating teens with an introduction to the topic, and to the new AgroTek program overall. Continue reading “AgroTek Program Collaboration Launches with Science Cafes for Teens”