Equine Reproduction Workshop at Morgan Horse Farm a Success

Several college students sitting in a classroom listening to an instructor discuss Morgan horse anatomy and physiology.
Students learning about mare anatomy and physiology.

The UVM Morgan Horse Farm hosted another fantastic Equine Reproduction Workshop on April 5 and 6, 2024. They had a great turnout of students and participants from the equine community.

The teaching agenda included lectures on mare and stallion physiology, breeding program management, foaling and neonates, hereditary disorders, artificial insemination, industry opportunities, and how to make mating decisions based on breeding ethics and philosophy.

Many students observing an instructor at a laboratory bench during an equine reproduction workshop.

The hands-on practical sessions at the UVM Morgan Horse Farm included observing mare ultrasounding, practicing insemination and review or reproduction tract, tour of the foaling station, stallion teasing and collection, building an AV, and semen evaluation and processing.

During an equine reproduction workshop, a woman is learning about insemination.

Missed out and interested in learning more about equine reproduction? Send an email to uvmorgan@uvm.edu for learning opportunities and to sign up for the 2025 workshop.

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