Vermont Pasture Research Includes State’s First Dung Beetle Survey

A shiny, black dung beetle walking on grass.
Dung beetle. Photo credit: Bryony Sands.

Grazed pastures are complex ecosystems, and their functionality depends on interactions between plants, animals, soils, manure, and the people that manage them. Invertebrates in these ecosystems fulfill various ecological roles, such as decomposition, predation, and pollination, that we depend on for the productivity of our land and livestock. Management decisions aimed at controlling one aspect of an ecosystem are likely to affect the other components in complicated ways. Continue reading “Vermont Pasture Research Includes State’s First Dung Beetle Survey”

CALS in the News-January 2024

Megaphone shouting news about agriculture.

The Vermont Agrivoltaic Project was highlighted in this article from Clean Technica about growing saffron in the shade of solar panels. UVM saffron expert Arash Ghalehgolabbehbahani, along with researchers Bruce L. Parker and Margaret Skinner are mentioned in the article.

UVM will study the sustainability of Vermont’s maple industry, and its impact on the climate. The research will include experts in economics, forestry, natural resource management and community development, as well as maple syrup producers. Mark Isselhardt was interviewed by Vermont Public for the article. Continue reading “CALS in the News-January 2024”

Northwest Crops and Soils Team Reports on Winter Grain Field Trials

Scientists are on a farm doing research on rye crop production.
Heather Darby and Northwest Crops and Soils researchers evaluate winter rye cover crop populations on Borderview Farm.

It is a busy time of year for grain growers here in the Northeast, including the farmers and researchers at Borderview Research Farm in Alburgh, Vermont. The University of Vermont Extension Northwest Crops and Soils team (NWCS) is conducting 10 winter grain field trials including studies focused on rye, wheat, spelt, and barley. Continue reading “Northwest Crops and Soils Team Reports on Winter Grain Field Trials”

CALS New Hires-September 2023

Anaka Aiyar, Assistant Professor, Community Development and Applied Economics

Anaka AiyarAnaka Aiyar is a health economist who is passionate about studying health and food security of people living in resource constrained contexts. Her research program adopts a transdisciplinary perspective in evaluating health interventions and offers actionable recommendations to enhance the efficacy of health interventions. Aiyar’s research explores questions related to access, affordability, availability, of community resources and the impacts of policies on these resources. Continue reading “CALS New Hires-September 2023”