The 2023 VT Vegetable and Berry Growers Association Meeting

Many people are in a room with talking to conference exhibitors.
Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers conference exhibitors talking with attendees.

The 2023 annual meeting of the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers Association (VVBGA) was held on January 24 at the Capital Plaza in Montpelier. The event was a collaboration between the VVBGA and UVM Extension, and it was attended by 198 people. Continue reading “The 2023 VT Vegetable and Berry Growers Association Meeting”

Backyard Chicken Salmonella Sampling Manuscript Accepted

A flock of brown chickens is standing together in a yard.

Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences Assistant Professor Andrea Etter’s lab had their first manuscript accepted for publication in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, detailing the results from three years of adult backyard chicken sampling for Salmonella enterica. This study was funded by Hatch funds from the Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station. Continue reading “Backyard Chicken Salmonella Sampling Manuscript Accepted”

Youth Biosecurity Learning Modules Recently Updated

Six youth biosecurity learning modules

Livestock and poultry are susceptible to infectious diseases and many of these diseases are zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted to people. A few more well-known zoonotic diseases include ringworm, rabies and soremouth. The most effective strategy for protecting farm animal health is to prevent or reduce the chances of introducing a disease into a herd or flock. Continue reading “Youth Biosecurity Learning Modules Recently Updated”