CALS New Hires-August 2023

Trishnee Bhurosy, Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences

Trishnee BhurosyTrishnee Bhurosy is a behavioral scientist with a research focus on improving nutrition equity and food security. She is addressing the behavioral and social determinants of nutrition behaviors underlying chronic conditions such as cancer.

Bhurosy has specific interests in better understanding how mobile technology and the active engagement of community stakeholders can be leveraged in nutritional interventions. Her scholarly work has been published in flagship journals of nutrition education and behavior and behavioral medicine. Continue reading “CALS New Hires-August 2023”

CALS New Hires-July 2023

Chris Skinner, Assistant Professor, Nutrition and Food Sciences Department

Chris SkinnerR. Chris Skinner is joining the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences (NFS) as assistant professor of nutrition. Skinner’s lab will focus on how nutrition impacts metabolic health, as well as investigating the potential of novel functional foods developed from waste. Continue reading “CALS New Hires-July 2023”

Etter Receives Grant to Study Poultry Disease Prevalence and Agritourism

A large flock of yellow chicks (baby chickens) in a barn.

Nutrition and Food Sciences Assistant Professor Andrea Etter is the lead principal investigator (PI) on a $1 million USDA NIFA-IDEAS (Interdisciplinary Engagement in Animal Sciences) grant, to study the role of poultry in zoonotic pathogen prevalence and transmission on animal agritourism operations. Continue reading “Etter Receives Grant to Study Poultry Disease Prevalence and Agritourism”

Nutrition and Food Science Major Competes in e-Fest

A label for a product concept called Mitey Bites.

Nutrition and Food Science major Dahlia Rosen is part of a company called Mitey Bites, with partner and co-founder Vladamiere Perry, an entrepreneurship and marketing major at SUNY Plattsburgh. They started the company in October 2021 and have been working hard on advancing it since. Mitey Bites is a snack food company which will utilize insect powder to create sustainable, delicious, and nutritionally well-rounded snacks. Continue reading “Nutrition and Food Science Major Competes in e-Fest”