4-H Bonanza Showcases Student Passion for All Things Bovine

A big group of 4-H students are talking with an instructor in a dairy milking parlor.
4-H students learning about milking parlor process during the Bovine Bonanza. Photo credit: Dawn Livingston

Seventy-two 4-H members from across Vermont participated in the 4-H Bovine Bonanza, held at the University of Vermont’s Paul R. Miller Research & Education Center on November 5, 2022. The instructors for the event were the Cooperative for Real Education in Agriculture Management (CREAM) students. With the farm hosting the event, it brings 4-H members to UVM and it gives the CREAM students a chance to showcase their passion and knowledge. Continue reading “4-H Bonanza Showcases Student Passion for All Things Bovine”

Scholarship Awarded to Animal & Veterinary Sciences Grad Student

Two female college students stand together in a dairy barn.
Dairy Intern Nicole Stover, left, and Taylor Turney, UVM graduate student, right. Both students were awarded the Flanagan scholarship. Source: Miner Institute

The Miner Institute has announced that Taylor Turney, an Animal and Veterinary Sciences graduate student, has been awarded the 2022-2023 Stephen S. Flanagan, Frances B. Flanagan, and Stephen F. Flanagan Scholarship. Continue reading “Scholarship Awarded to Animal & Veterinary Sciences Grad Student”

Summer Dairy Herd Health Workshop Series

A group of people are standing in a field on a sunny day listening to a grazing expert talk about the dairy cows standing behind her.
Physical Exam of the Cow and Herd workshop at the Richardson Farm in Hartland, VT.

This summer, farmers from Vermont and across the Northeast came together to participate in three on-farm workshops hosted by veterinarian Dr. Dayna Locitzer. A total of 64 farmers and service providers attended the workshops, which focused on different aspects of herd health and management. Continue reading “Summer Dairy Herd Health Workshop Series”