Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative’s 24-Hour Social Media Takeover

On March 15, the Agroecology & Livelihoods Collaborative, a community of practice based in the Plant and Soil Sciences Department, took the reigns of the Specialty Coffee Association’s social media channels for a 24-hour social media takeover highlighting the ALC’s two decades of research with smallholder coffee farmers in Mesoamerica. Continue reading “Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative’s 24-Hour Social Media Takeover”

January 2022 New Hires

Lisa Flinn, Extension Administrative Assistant, Operations and Staff Support

Lisa FlinnLisa Flinn is an administrative assistant at the St. Johnsbury Extension office, and brings 20 years of experience in the administrative assistant field. Prior to joining Extension, Flinn held positions as an administrative assistant with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont for 20 years, Northern Power Systems for four years, Central Vermont Medical Center for five years and Littleton Regional Health Care for three years. Continue reading “January 2022 New Hires”

State of the Smallholder Coffee Farmer

Coffee farmer

With a wealth of available information, has anyone really connected the data dots in coffee? The State of Coffee Smallholder Platform is an open access data resource for coffee farmers and other actors along the coffee value chain. The purpose is to remove barriers from equitable information sharing, to help all value chain actors better assess socio-economic and environmental gaps, outcomes and trends. Continue reading “State of the Smallholder Coffee Farmer”