Will the “Levee Effect” Give a False Sense of Security for Livestock Diseases?

Several adult sheep with lambs standing in a field.

Animal and Veterinary Sciences Research Professor Julie Smith published an article in Progressive Dairy entitled, “Animal agriculture awaits normal accidents when it comes to biosecurity.” She examines the effects of a move by the United Kingdom and the European Union for animal agriculture to become disease-free without vaccination. Continue reading “Will the “Levee Effect” Give a False Sense of Security for Livestock Diseases?”

ASCI Student Experiences Hands-on Veterinarian Work in South Africa

Sadie Gidner

*The following is an excerpt from a Loop Abroad press release.

This summer, Sadie Gidner, 20, of Arlington, Virginia, spent two weeks in South Africa helping animals and learning hands-on what its like to be a veterinarian. Sadie is a UVM junior majoring in animal science.

Traveling with study-abroad organization Loop Abroad, Sadie was selected as part of a small team that volunteered at Lory Park Animal and Owl Sanctuary studying big cats such as white and tawny lions, Siberian tigers, pumas, and leopards and caring for primates as well as volunteering at Care for Wild learning about the rescue, care for, and protection of rhinos. Continue reading “ASCI Student Experiences Hands-on Veterinarian Work in South Africa”

CALS New Hires-August 2023

Trishnee Bhurosy, Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences

Trishnee BhurosyTrishnee Bhurosy is a behavioral scientist with a research focus on improving nutrition equity and food security. She is addressing the behavioral and social determinants of nutrition behaviors underlying chronic conditions such as cancer.

Bhurosy has specific interests in better understanding how mobile technology and the active engagement of community stakeholders can be leveraged in nutritional interventions. Her scholarly work has been published in flagship journals of nutrition education and behavior and behavioral medicine. Continue reading “CALS New Hires-August 2023”

Smith Lab Summer Activities: Science and Scenery

Julie Smith standing next to a research poster about biosecurity learning modules and results of surveys.
Dr. Smith presented a poster for the ADSA conference at the end of June 2023, on the HFHA biosecurity learning module project (https://go.uvm.edu/biosecurity-learning-modules). Photo credit: Madeline Beaudry.

Julie Smith

After mentoring the Vermont Dairy Mapping Project interns for six weeks, I headed to camp at the Mount Norris Scout Reservation in Eden, Vermont. My unit’s campsite evacuated to higher ground the night of July 10, and I drove past a lot of signs of the water’s power on my way home. Continue reading “Smith Lab Summer Activities: Science and Scenery”