January 2022 New Hires

Lisa Flinn, Extension Administrative Assistant, Operations and Staff Support

Lisa FlinnLisa Flinn is an administrative assistant at the St. Johnsbury Extension office, and brings 20 years of experience in the administrative assistant field. Prior to joining Extension, Flinn held positions as an administrative assistant with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont for 20 years, Northern Power Systems for four years, Central Vermont Medical Center for five years and Littleton Regional Health Care for three years. Continue reading “January 2022 New Hires”

McKay Funded for Cattle and Sheep Pan-Epigenome Research

A flock of sheep in a field at Shelburne Farms
Photo credit: Shelburne Farms

Establishing a Pan-Epigenome for Cattle and Sheep is a newly funded $1.3 million dollar USDA NIFA grant that is being led by Animal & Veterinary Sciences Associate Professor Stephanie McKay, in collaboration with Darren Hagen, PhD, at Oklahoma State University, and Brenda Murdoch, PhD, at the University of Idaho. Continue reading “McKay Funded for Cattle and Sheep Pan-Epigenome Research”

McKay Leads New Cattle Genomics Collaboration

Holstein dairy cows in a barn.

A team of researchers from four universities across the U.S. was awarded an Agricultural Genome to Phenome Initiative (AG2PI) grant to establish the “Cattle Genome to Herd Phenotyping for Precision Ag” initiative. UVM Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department Associate Professor Stephanie McKay is the lead principal investigator for the project, and she will work with researchers from Oklahoma State University, the University of Missouri, and the University of Idaho to improve cattle productivity through phenotyping technologies. This grant is one of seven seed grants, ranging between $15,000$20,000. Continue reading “McKay Leads New Cattle Genomics Collaboration”