Summer Dairy Herd Health Workshop Series

A group of people are standing in a field on a sunny day listening to a grazing expert talk about the dairy cows standing behind her.
Physical Exam of the Cow and Herd workshop at the Richardson Farm in Hartland, VT.

This summer, farmers from Vermont and across the Northeast came together to participate in three on-farm workshops hosted by veterinarian Dr. Dayna Locitzer. A total of 64 farmers and service providers attended the workshops, which focused on different aspects of herd health and management. Continue reading “Summer Dairy Herd Health Workshop Series”

May 2022 CALS in the News

Megaphone shouting news about agriculture.

CALS and Extension faculty, staff and students are making headlines for their commentaries, research findings, as subject matter experts, and for outreach collaborations. Below is a collection of recent stories.

The Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative (ALC) is among several partners listed in this article from Daily Coffee News about a new open-access platform that has been developed called the State of the Smallholder Coffee Farmer. Continue reading “May 2022 CALS in the News”

Corn Research Benefits Farmers, Processors, Markets

Ears of colorful corn in a bucket

Extension Professor Heather Darby has been researching short-season corn varieties for over 20 years in an effort to determine their suitability for the food-grade corn industry and help farmers diversify. A recent Modern Farmer article spotlights the resurgence of food and distilled products, and the rising demand for local corn supplies. Continue reading “Corn Research Benefits Farmers, Processors, Markets”