Renowned Namesake of Pringle Herbarium Led a Storied Life

A page from an old journal with the name Cyrus Pringle written on it and the date of 1900.

The University of Vermont’s Pringle Herbarium is an on-campus natural history museum that is the second largest herbarium in New England. Established in 1902, it houses over 360,000 plant and fungi specimens, with a geographic focus on Vermont and tropical regions of Mexico, Central America, and South America. The herbarium serves as a regional and international hub for research on the classification, evolution, and distribution of plant species. Continue reading “Renowned Namesake of Pringle Herbarium Led a Storied Life”

CALS New Hires-August 2023

Trishnee Bhurosy, Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences

Trishnee BhurosyTrishnee Bhurosy is a behavioral scientist with a research focus on improving nutrition equity and food security. She is addressing the behavioral and social determinants of nutrition behaviors underlying chronic conditions such as cancer.

Bhurosy has specific interests in better understanding how mobile technology and the active engagement of community stakeholders can be leveraged in nutritional interventions. Her scholarly work has been published in flagship journals of nutrition education and behavior and behavioral medicine. Continue reading “CALS New Hires-August 2023”

Pringle Herbarium Botanists Embark on Third Expedition to Colombia

A group of 13 people with a Columbian forest background who are standing together.
The Ferns of Columbia Project team in Columbia.

The Ferns of Colombia team, including Sarah K. Morris, Plant Biology doctoral candidate, and longtime Pringle Herbarium Associates Dr. Michael Sundue & Dr. Weston Testo, completed a successful third expedition to Colombia for the National Science Foundation-funded Ferns of Colombia project.
Continue reading “Pringle Herbarium Botanists Embark on Third Expedition to Colombia”