Extension Offering Internal Parasites in Sheep & Goats Trainings for Producers

A small flock of sheep in a barn feeding on hay in a trough.

UVM Extension is pleased to offer a free parasite management and FAMACHA training course for sheep and goat producers (including dairy, meat and fiber) co-hosted by the Cornell Sheep & Goat Program and Cornell Cooperative Extension. The dates are May 9 and May 16, 2022 for the webinars, and a three-hour on-farm workshop in Whiting, VT on May 23.

Internal parasites are one of the biggest health problems affecting goats and sheep in the Northeast, and dewormer resistance is commonplace. As a result, producers need to know how best to manage parasites. In this workshop, producers will learn the basics of parasite control as well as how to develop Integrated Parasite Management (IPM) programs for their farms. Well discuss the current status of new innovations in parasite management.

Read more about the trainings and registration information here –May2022-IPM-Famacha-Workshop


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