Institute Funding Trains Students in Regenerative Agriculture

Kernza interplanted with clover.
Kernza interplanted with clover.

During August, 2021, Eric Bishop von Wettberg was awarded a subcontract for the New Roots for Restoration Biology Integration Institute (NRR-BII). The aim of this institute is to develop tools and training for students to examine the role of roots in regenerative agriculture and native habitat restoration. At UVM, Wettberg’s activities involve establishing a long-term intercropping trial of kernza, a perennial relative of wheat that can be used for baking and brewing, growing alongside alfalfa or clovers. Continue reading “Institute Funding Trains Students in Regenerative Agriculture”

Bradshaw, Hazelrigg Publish Results of Grape Research

Clusters of purple grapes on the vine.

Grapes and wine continue to be a growing crop in Vermont’s agriculture and food scene, and the UVM Fruit Program continues to support producers through research and outreach programs. Last summer, UVM Fruit Program Director Dr. Terence Bradshaw and UVM Plant Diagnostic Clinic Director Dr. Ann Hazelrigg published a comparative study of disease susceptibility of nine novel grape varieties grown at UVM’s Catamount Educational Farm. Results from that work are helping farmers in the region to manage diseases sustainably. Continue reading “Bradshaw, Hazelrigg Publish Results of Grape Research”