Students Create Compost Ecology Posters

Three UVM students, two women and one man, who won class awards for designing composting posters.
The student poster winners are from left to right: Maddie Mezitt, Joey Looney, and Ellie Churchill.

Plant and Soil Science Professor Deborah Neher’s PSS 154 Compost Ecology class created posters for the 2023 Compost Awareness Week.

The top posters will be posted at the annual Vermont Organic Recycling Summit in April 2023, hosted by the Compost Association of Vermont (CAV). Posters will also be displayed on the CAV webpage.

The photos attached show the array of posters students from the compost class created. Three students in the class were awarded for their poster designs:

  • Most creative
  • Most readable
  • X-Factor

Several posters about composting are displayed on a white board.

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