CALS in the News-June 2023

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An article in Kenya discusses research from Eric von Wettberg that found human migration and trade have had a significant impact on the genetic heritage of chickpeas.

Governor Phil Scott requested a disaster designation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in response to the devastating May 2023 frost.

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution published research by Stephen Keller,, entitled, Assessing uncertainty in genomic offset forecasts from landscape genomic models (and implications for restoration and assisted migration).

Brian Beckage and other researchers published their findings entitled, Twenty-first century increases in total and extreme precipitation across the Northeastern USA. The research found that extreme precipitation across the Northeast, due to climate change, will rise an estimated 52 percent annually, worst case scenario.

Deborah Neher is a co-author for recently published research entitled, Heavy Logging Machinery Impacts Soil Physical Properties More than Nematode Communities. Mechanized logging equipment causes considerable soil disturbance, but little information is available regarding thresholds for impacts on soil nematodes, critical members of soil food webs which perform important ecological functions.

Fact sheets provide new insights into agritourism and direct sales for US states – Lisa Chase was quoted in a Penn State article about a new set of fact sheets that provides comprehensive insights into the demographics of U.S. farms that offer agritourism activities or sell food directly to consumers or both.

UVM Extension’s Joshua Faulkner was quoted in a Seven Days article about Lake Champlain water quality advocates stating that the State of Vermont has botched regulating pollution from dairy farms.

Country Folks Grower wrote about a webinar with UVM Extension’s Chris Callahan and Becky Maden discussing high tunnel ventilation during a Vermont Vegetable & Berry Growers Association. Callahan is an agriculture engineer and Maden is a vegetable nutrient management specialist.

Mark Isselhardt described the 2023 sugaring season as “microclimate-dependent,” and discussed other factors in an article for the Valley News.

Vermont Public interviewed Mark Isselhardt about the sugaring season in 2023 compared to most years.

The UVM Institute for Agroecology is featured in an editorial published in the international journal, Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems.

CDAE Chair and Director of the Center for Rural Studies Jane Kolodinsky was interviewed for two stories:

  • The impact of the closing of big box stores on communities with WCAX.
  • The ability of communities to recover from the closing of anchor institutions, such as colleges and universities with NPR Marketplace.

An article by Ann Hazelrigg in the Rutland Herald assessed the May frost damage to gardens and ornamental plantings.

Ann Hazelrigg wrote about cedar apple rust in the Times Argus.

UVM Master Gardener Deborah Benoit describes the differences between annuals, biennials and perennials in an article for the Rutland Herald.
Also in the St. Albans Messenger.

UVM Master Gardener Bonnie Kirn Donahue wrote an article for The Chronicle about a simple way to increase pollinator habitat in your yard by not mowing the grass.

The Shelburne Farms newsletter featured a story by Catherine Zac, an Animal Sciences senior who is an intern at the farm this summer. She wrote about a subject with much interest to her, animal enrichment in animal-assisted education.

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