Cannella and Isselhardt Honored with Maple Awards

Four bottles on a shelf of different grades of maple syrup.

UVM Extension Specialists Mark Cannella and Mark Isselhardt were honored with top awards during 2021 by the Vermont Maple Sugar Maker’s Association (VMSMA), for their excellence in serving the Vermont maple industry.

Extension Farm Business Management Specialist Mark Cannella was awarded the 2021 Vermont Maple Person of the Year Award. This award is given to people whose work benefits the maple industry whether they are a sugar maker or not. The VMSMA recognized his contributions by stating, “Mark’s work is invaluable to Vermont’s maple producers as well as the entire industry and their associated lending institutions”

Extension Maple Specialist Mark Isselhardt was presented with the 2021 Sumner Williams Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes outstanding service and dedication to the Vermont maple industry. This award honors the memory of Sumner Williams, past assistant director of the Proctor Maple Research Center. The VMSMA stated, “Mark works in the research field of maple and has worked tirelessly to provide the tools and knowledge to producers from Vermont and beyond that really make a difference. His research on achieving high sap yields, managing healthy sugarbushes, and creating efficiencies in syrup production has been invaluable to the maple community.”

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