Three UVM Animal Science Alumni Who are Giving Back

Katie Berkelhamer holding two horses by their reins, Madison Simonds standing next to a black bull cow, Rachel (Lundsted) Richardson is hammering a horse shoe.
From left to right: Katie Berkelhamer, Madison Simonds, Rachel (Lundsted) Richardson.

Katie Berkelhamer is currently a science teacher at Essex High School and one of the University of Vermont Dressage Team coaches. Originally from New York and Connecticut, Berkelhamer graduated from UVM in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. She then continued at UVM to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching. Continue reading “Three UVM Animal Science Alumni Who are Giving Back”

Patrick Brown Recipient of Education & Faculty Advisor Awards

AGR fraternity member and Patrick Brown with outstanding advisor award.
Patrick Brown (right) receiving the Outstanding Faculty Advisor of the Year award. Photo credit: UVM Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity.

Community Development and Applied Economics Adjunct Lecturer Patrick Brown recently received a Resolution of Appreciation from the Vermont State Board of Education. In the resolution, he was recognized and commended for his the service and commitment to the State of Vermont, as he concluded his time on the board. Continue reading “Patrick Brown Recipient of Education & Faculty Advisor Awards”

African Swine Fever is Getting Too Close for Comfort

A Google map of the Caribbean Ocean showing the distance from the island of Hispaniola to the southern tip of Florida.

About 20 percent of Vermont dairy farms raise pigs as well as dairy cows. Ninety percent of these farms raise pigs seasonally, and their health concerns may not be a priority for farmers. However, there is growing concern about the global spread of African swine fever (ASF), a deadly foreign animal disease (FAD) of pigs that was identified in two Caribbean countries during 2021. Continue reading “African Swine Fever is Getting Too Close for Comfort”