CALS in the News-March 2024

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CDAE Assistant Professor Trisha Shrum was interviewed by WCAX about the way Vermonters spend their money and how it will evolve as extreme weather occurrences increase.

USDA NIFA announced funding for a project on sheep and goat farmer collaboration and education, with the UVM Extension Center for Sustainable Agriculture. Outreach Specialist Kelsie Meehan is the lead on the project.

UVM Associate Professor Terry Bradshaw was interviewed for an article in about consideration in the Vermont Legislature to provide relief to fruit tree growers after financial losses from a crop-killing frost during the spring of 2023.

A collaborative agrivoltaics research project at UVM is the subject of an article in Happy Eco News. The synergy of growing crops that benefit from partial shade and cooler temperatures under solar panels are showing promise in agricultural yields in early trials.

Agritourism can be a way to reconnect people with agriculture and increase agricultural literacy, but legal regulations can be a big hurdle for farmers. UVM Extension Professor Lisa Chase was interviewed for Modern Farmer regarding a survey the Vermont Tourism Research Center did about the benefits and drawbacks of agritourism.

Morning Ag Clips posted an article about an agritourism survey for farmers that is part of a collaborative project with Penn State, UVM, Oklahoma State, the University of Maine, and others.

Extension Professor Lisa Chase was interviewed by Seven Days about self-serve farm stands  as a staple for small Vermont farm income.

UVM Extension’s Heather Darby was interviewed for a article about a very destructive viral disease known as fusarium head blight in grain crops.

WCAX highlighted a collaborative study that included UVM CALS researchers about Vermonters experiencing food insecurity during the pandemic, and how they found alternative such as growing their own food.

PSS Professor Bruce Parker and Research Professor Margaret Skinner are co-authors on a publication in MDPI entitled, Biological Control of Three Major Cucumber and Pepper Pests: Whiteflies, Thrips, and Spider Mites, in High Plastic Tunnels Using Two Local Phytoseiid Mites.

UVM Extension Maple Specialist Mark Isselhardt was interviewed by WCAX for an article about Vermont sugarmakers adapting to climate change.

Vermont Attorney General Charity Clark marked Consumer Protection Week in a press release that also included details about the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) collaboration with UVM.

Farm Progress announced the UVM Extension Crops and Soils Program field day on September 1, 2024, which will focus on growing forage crops.

Morning Ag Clips announced a workshop about the finer points of saffron cultivation on April 4, 2024 workshop sponsored by UVM’s North American Center for Saffron Research and the Rodale Institute.

The Shelburne News announced a presentation by UVM Extension Associate Professor Ann Hazelrigg on Asian jumping worms and other emerging diseases and pests for the Burlington Garden Club.

The Times Argus posted an announcement about UVM Extension seeking nominations for the 2024 Vermont Dairy Farm of the Year.

UVM Extension’s Ann Hazelrigg and Deb Heleba were interviewed by WCAX about tips for spring planting.

It is not too late to prune your fruit trees, states UVM Extension Community Horticulture Program Director Debra Heleba, for an article in the Manchester Journal.

Extension Master Gardener Bonnie Kirn Donahue wrote about propagating dogwoods and willows for an article in The Hardwick Gazette.

Read about getting a head start on the growing season in an article written by Extension Master Gardener Amy Simone for The World.

Build a bluebird house with instructions by UVM Extension Master Gardener Deborah Benoit, published in the Rutland Herald.

Don’t throw away those Easter lily bulbs, plant them in your garden. UVM Extension Master Gardener Deborah Benoit explains how to do it in The Hardwick Gazette.

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