Extension Farm Viability Peer-to-Peer Meets at Pigasus Farm

A group of about 10 people are visiting a farm field where a herd of pigs is grazing, on a sunny, summer day.
Photo credit: Dana Ruppert

The UVM Extension Farm Viability Program’s Farmer Peer-to-Peer (FPtP) Discussion Group met during August at Pigasus farm in South Hero, VT. The FPtP is a group of farming peers which meets monthly over the course of a year, to tour and learn from participants varied farming operations, share challenges and opportunities, and hone business management skills.

A group of people visits a fenced area in a field for a large flock of chickens, on a sunny summer day.

Extension staff and experienced consultants work with participants to explore business topics including financial management, staffing and human resource issues, farm planning, operational efficiencies, sales, market analysis and opportunities, relationship building, and succession planning.

UVM Extension Farm Viability offers business planning and technical assistance services to all qualifying Vermont farmers, as part of a statewide effort to improve the economic viability of Vermont agriculture.

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