Sheep and Goat Farmers Earn Certification in IPM

A group of farmers and trainers are sitting in a barn learning about sheep and goat parasites.
Photos by Jake Jacobs and Kelsie Meehan

Twenty-two sheep and goat producers from Vermont and the Northeast earned certification in the FAMACHA method of monitoring small ruminants for internal parasites in a three-part workshop series culminating in an on-farm training held on May 23, 2022 in Whiting, VT. Part 1 and Part 2 of the workshop series are available to view as recorded webinars. The course was co-hosted by UVM Extension, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and the Cornell Sheep and Goat program. Continue reading “Sheep and Goat Farmers Earn Certification in IPM”

Extension Offering Internal Parasites in Sheep & Goats Trainings for Producers

A small flock of sheep in a barn feeding on hay in a trough.

UVM Extension is pleased to offer a free parasite management and FAMACHA training course for sheep and goat producers (including dairy, meat and fiber) co-hosted by the Cornell Sheep & Goat Program and Cornell Cooperative Extension. The dates are May 9 and May 16, 2022 for the webinars, and a three-hour on-farm workshop in Whiting, VT on May 23. Continue reading “Extension Offering Internal Parasites in Sheep & Goats Trainings for Producers”

Bradshaw, Hazelrigg Publish Results of Grape Research

Clusters of purple grapes on the vine.

Grapes and wine continue to be a growing crop in Vermont’s agriculture and food scene, and the UVM Fruit Program continues to support producers through research and outreach programs. Last summer, UVM Fruit Program Director Dr. Terence Bradshaw and UVM Plant Diagnostic Clinic Director Dr. Ann Hazelrigg published a comparative study of disease susceptibility of nine novel grape varieties grown at UVM’s Catamount Educational Farm. Results from that work are helping farmers in the region to manage diseases sustainably. Continue reading “Bradshaw, Hazelrigg Publish Results of Grape Research”