UVM Beekeeping Club Ties for Third Most Donations in LUVMYCLUB Fundraiser

A green tablecloth that has the UVM Beekeeping Club logo on it.

The UVM Beekeepers tied for third place for the greatest number of donors in UVM’s 2023 LUVMYCLUB fundraising event. The LUVMYCLUB campaign is a fundraising challenge for student clubs and organizations at UVM.

A green poster that lists the UVM LuvMyClub fundraising winners with the most donors.This year was the most successful year for the event since its inception in 2017, raising over $128,000.

About the UVM Beekeeping Club

The UVM Beekeepers are a community for those interested in all aspects of bees and beekeeping. The club seeks to educate members of the UVM and Burlington communities on the ecological importance of honeybees. We will be keeping hives on campus, in the meadow across from University Heights Greenhouse, and at the Horticulture Research and Education Center.

The Beekeeping Club was instrumental in obtaining the Bee Campus designation for UVM every year since 2018. There are only 18 such campuses nationally, and we are the only one in New England!

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