Belliveau Receives 2022 John Dewey Society Award

Cynthia Belliveau is working with a student in a nutrition and food science lab.

UVM Nutrition and Food Sciences Research Assistant Professor Cynthia Belliveau has been awarded the 2022 John Dewey Society Award for Outstanding Achievement. She led the development and implementation (with Dr. Lisa Heldke of Gustavus Adolphus College) of the UVM John Dewey Kitchen Institute, which is located within the Nutrition and Food Sciences Department.

The award is meant to “recognize a particular achievement, in scholarship or in practice, that exemplifies, expands, develops, or contributes to Dewey’s view of education for democratic life. Belliveau’s work in the John Dewey Kitchen Institute exhibits so many of the values that the Society seeks to uphold:

  1. An intelligent interplay between theory and practice.
  2. A commitment to ongoing learning as the foundation for a joyful and meaningful life.
  3. The desire to create spaces that are inclusive and creative.
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