Neher Featured in Wine Grower Soil Health Podcasts

A cross section of soil and plants showing a deep, rich soil layers with lots of plant roots.
Image source: U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service

UVM Plant and Soil Science Professor Deb Neher is featured in a two-part podcast on soil health as a guest of the California Sustainable Wine Growers. Each episode is about 30 minutes in length.

October 6, 2022 – 151: The Role of the Soil Microbiome in Soil Health

Soil is alive and we want a lot of life in the soil. According to Department of UVM Plant and Soil Science Professor Deborah Neher, healthy soils have three components:

  1. Different pore sizes.
  2. Balanced pH and nutrients.
  3. Organic matter.

Soil structure is created by mineral particles, bacteria, fungi, and plant roots. What determines a good quality soil depends on the ecosystem; a forest has different needs than active farm land. Neher touches on how to properly compost to kill off pathogens and weed seeds. Through research, she found that the process is more complicated than the nitrogen-to-carbon ratio: the type of carbon matters! Listen in to learn what kind of carbon is best for disease suppression.

October 20, 2022 – 153: The Role of Nematodes in Soil Health

Think most nematodes are parasitic? Actually, the majority are beneficial and can provide biological control for bacteria, fungi and other nematodes. Neher explains that nematodes are the most numerous soil dwelling animal and can live in extreme conditions. Listen in to learn how nematodes fit into a healthy soil system.

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