Center for Rural Studies and Extension Contribute to Ag Literacy Report

A woman at a farmers market selling produce.

Michael Moser and Claire Whitehouse from the UVM Center for Rural Studies (CRS), along with Extension Professor Lisa ChaseEFNEP Coordinator Maire Folan, 4-H Director Sarah Kleinman, and Youth Agriculture Project Coordinator Liz Kenton contributed to a new report on agricultural literacy from Vermont Farm to Plate.

The report seeks to define agricultural literacy, explore why and how it matters, and compile suggestions for strengthening agricultural literacy in Vermont.

Moser, Whitehouse, Chase and Folan were interviewed for the report, and Moser, Whitehouse, and Chase served as part of the Farm to Plate Agricultural Literacy Priority Strategy team that put the report together. Moser also led efforts to build pilot indices for agricultural literacy and perceived importance of agriculture using 2023 Vermonter poll data collected by CRS.

Click this link to read the full agricultural literacy report.

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