Fort Ticonderoga Internship a Growth Experience for Plant & Soil Science Major

An aerial view of the many gardens at Fort Ticonderoga, NY.
Source: Fort Ticonderoga

Allie Film, a senior majoring in ecological agriculture in the UVM Plant and Soil Science (PSS) Department, recently completed a summer horticulture internship in the historic King’s Garden at Fort Ticonderoga, New York, while also earning credits for her work. Film was perfectly suited for the internship with her background in agroecology, 4-H and the UVM Beekeeping club. Additionally, she had practical experience through a PSS ecological design course by designing, planting and maintaining a pollinator garden at her home. Film had visited Fort Ticonderoga as a child, and appreciated the historic accuracy of the gardens and the ecological management approach by Fort Ticonderoga.

Allie Film, UVM student, stands next to a row of flowering perennial bergamot with purple flowers
Allie in the historic Kings Garden at Fort Ticonderoga, August 2022.

The horticulture internship provided hands-on and practical experience in formal public historic gardens, greenhouses and natural area settings, in the context of a layered landscape with four centuries of different uses. Through the internship, Film worked with others on Fort Ticonderoga’s horticulture team, expanding her experience in pruning, planting, cultivation and fruit and vegetable garden management, including the management of weeds and invasive species, and control of various garden pests. She chose to work on composting at the Fort as an additional special project. While living at Fort Ticonderoga, Film also participated in a reenactment of the 1759 Siege of Carillon in her spare time!

Allie Film, UVM student, stands next to a compost pile of plant material.
Allie Film composting at Fort Ticonderoga.

Film said, “I had a really great time this summer at Fort Ticonderoga. Planning and facilitating a compost project from start to finish was very gratifying, and I hope it will be helpful in the future. This position really opened my eyes to opportunities and disciplines I didn’t realize I could access with my major. I made so many wonderful connections and networks this summer with museum visitors, colleagues, and employers. I learned a lot of things I wouldn’t have been able to learn in a classroom, and applied coursework knowledge to my job this summer too. The ecological diversity within the Fort and in the surrounding town is impressive too, especially of insects. Getting to see parasitoid-pest interactions happen in the field was so cool!”

Allie Film wearing a blue dress and sun hat, standing in front of a garden area.Fort Ticonderoga Vice President of Public History Stuart Lilie said about Film’s internship, “Having Allie join our horticulture team here for the summer was wonderful for everyone. Allie’s work on redeveloping our composting program will leaving a lasting mark for future years at our King’s Garden. We look forward to future UVM interns learning and sharing their knowledge with us.”

The horticulture internship will be offered again in summer 2023. To apply, send a letter of interest, resume, including relevant experience or coursework, and one letter of recommendation to:

Stuart Lilie, Vice President of Public History
Fort Ticonderoga Association, 30 Fort Ti Road
Ticonderoga, NY 12883

Or email For more information call 518-585-6190. For additional information on Fort Ticonderoga visit Application deadline is February 7, 2023.

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