Rohan & Sorrell Planning Members for VT Horse Council Summit

Green Mountain Horse Association sign for the location that hosted the 2022 Annual Equine Industry Summit

Christina (Chrissy) Rohan and Wendy Sorrell were members of the planning committee for the Vermont Horse Council’s (VHC) Annual Equine Industry Summit, held on April 6, 2022 at the Green Mountain Horse Association in South Woodstock. The theme was. “Energize and Re-Imagine Vermont’s Equine Community.”

Approximately 60 equine enthusiasts gathered together for this event. The summit was kicked off by a keynote speaker, the legendary Denny Emerson, followed up by some local small (equine) business owners, and then small group discussions. After a lunch break, time was taken to wrap up and make plans for the future. Sorrell and Rohan will continue to work with the VHC to help take steps to strengthen the Vermont equine industry.

Denny Emerson giving a presentation at the Vermont Horse Council 2022 Annual Summit.
Denny Emerson, American equestrian, coach, horse breeder and owner of Tamarack Hill Farm in Strafford, VT.
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