UVM Assisting with Farm to Plate Food Security Plan

A farm market with many colorful vegetables for sale such as tomatoes, purple broccoli, radicchio, and brussel sprouts.

On February 1, 2023, stakeholders from around Vermont gathered in Montpelier to work on a Vermont Food Security Plan. Organized by the Vermont Farm to Plate Food Security Strategy team, the meeting was for stakeholders with food system knowledge and experience, to experiment with and give input to the proposed food security plan writing process and tools.

The food security plan is centered around a thriving food system and inspired by community-based responses to food insecurity and disruptive events. The plan will advance long-term, equitable, food security and food access by all of Vermont’s residents not only today but in times of crisis, regardless of their life circumstances. The plan is called for by:

  • The Vermont Legislature.
  • Vermont Department of Health.
  • Vermont Climate Action Plan.
  • Vermont Agriculture and Food System Strategic Plan.
  • The Governor’s Future of Agriculture Commission Action Plan Report.

At the meeting, UVM Department of Geography and Geosciences Professor Pablo Bose shared his method for analyzing community feedback and input related to food security gathered in 2022, and presented initial findings. Maire Folan from the UVM Extension Community Nutrition Education program was also in attendance and is contributing to this effort, which is slated to be published by January 2024. Click here to learn more about Farm to Plates Food Security planning process.

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